Wait at least 30 minutes, no more than an hour
before removing the bandage. Carefully remove the
bandage and wash with ANTIBACTERIAL soap and
warm water. Do Not Re-bandage! Apply a small
times a day until your tattoo is healed. Do Not Put
Anything Else On Your Tattoo! Do Not Soak Your
Healing Tattoo! Do Not Expose Your Tattoo To
Direct Sunlight/Tanning Beds! Do Not Pick or
Scratch Your Tattoo! Healing Time Varies, Everyone
Heals Differently! Expect your tattoo to haze over
before it is completely healed. This Is Normal! Be
Patient; Keep it Clean, Keep It Moisturized, and Keep
It Out of the Sun!
Aquaphor is an awesome medicated
ointment. I suggest using it for the first week
of the healing process. After that, use a
non-scented hand lotion, such as Lubriderm,
to keep it moisturized.
The diagram below shows how ink is placed between the
layers of skin during a tattoo. As the body repairs itself,
the damaged layers are shed and replaced.